Case Interview For Engineers

A Former Deloitte, Interviewer & Engineer reveals how to get Multiple Job Offers in Consulting



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“This book will help you develop the behaviours and the way of looking the World that make you a Consultant and get a job in a Consulting Firm”

 - Luiz Zorzella, McKinsey & Company Alumni (Canada)


“Josemaria is very useful because he is focusing on behaviours rather than frameworks”

 - Sergi Pereira, Deloitte Consulting Consultant (Spain)


“Josemaria was extremely helpful, I went from an engineer background to securing an offer with Booz & Company. Highly recommended"

 - Eho Kim, Booz & Company Alumni (Korea)


“He helped me a lot to improve case interview skills”

 - Seila Osman, Accenture (Slovak Republic)


“He knows very well how to deal with the case interview process”

 - Marcel Amorós, MIT University Visiting Student (Boston)


“I really improved with Josemaria because he tells you what to do during case interviews, but also why you should do it. Knowing how and why Consulting Firms works, it makes you a better consultant and it is easier to show your consulting strengths”

 - William Violet, London Business School Student (France)


“He really understands in detail the case interview and give you specific suggestions”

 - Nishant Dobhal, IESE Business School Student (India)


“Their suggestions and recommendations are great”

 - Sameer Duggal, IE Business School Student (Denmark)


"Josemaria's help was extremely useful”

 - Mohan Anem, London Business School Student (London)


“He understands deeply the consulting industry and how the recruitment process goes. He was a insightful help”

 - Chase Parker, Stanford University Visiting Student (California)




Case Interview for Engineers is the best way to understand, adopt and success in the most difficult job interview, typically applied in Management Consulting: the Case Interview. Josemaria Siota has interviewed more than 100 inside-consultants from McKinsey & CompanyThe Boston Consulting GroupBain & CompanyDeloitteAccentureA.T.KearneyRoland Berger, etc. To learn the best methodology for success.


As a former Deloitte consultant, résumé screener and Case Interviewer, Josemaria Siota coached thousands of aspiring consultants globally from top Business & Engineering Schools: MITStanfordLondon Business SchoolIESEIE and INSEAD. As a candidate, he passed and received offers from 7 top Consulting Firms, finally choosing Deloitte.


(1) It includes a simplified and proved learning methodology based on personal Experience and deep Research [getting 7 Consulting Job Offers and doing +100 Interviews with Inside-Consultants]
(2) It improves the speed of the learning curve in training with the Check-In-Case © tool [an average of x6 times]
(3) Non previous business knowledge is needed -as engineers-, although all the contents are applicable to all backgrounds: MBAs, PhDs, etc. [+30% of his students are non-business backgrounds]



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