How to get promoted in a Big Company?


I get graduated a couple of years ago and now I am in a Global IT company. Currently, I am doing operational engineer work, but I would like and also I know how to manage people. However, after near 3 years, I realize that my team and me can't get promoted until my direct manager get also promoted. What are your recommendations for my day to day?


Thanks Jose!



My Answer:

As you have realized, the industry is very different from consulting in a professional development point of view: more stability and less promotional speed). But there are also things we can do to improve.


In order to get promoted there are needed 2 factors: SKILLS + OPPORTUNITY.


First, you need the enough SKILLS to be prepared to get and accept the promotion. So you can think: which extra-skills I need to get promoted that I currently don't have (extra software development knowledge, hardware trends, industry insights, leadership skills, public speaking...). And then create a personal development plan to approach it. Meanwhile, you can increase the trust of your boss doing an extremely high quality work.


And second, the OPPORTUNITY for that promotion. If it is a requirement that your boss get promoted, think how through your current work can help to achieve her promotion (higher quality in you deliveries; when you finish your tasks, ask for extra one to give more responsibility and achievements to your boss...)


In summary, get prepared for that moment and create that chance.



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