Professional promotion problem: amazing competitors


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On my current company's team, we are 9 engineers and one of us is a geek in one of the key fields. I could say she's one of the best ones all over the world. Everyday we are on conferences working elbow with elbow along with companies from USA, India, Rumania and UK.


My manager is very used to compare our work with this star engineer work. I know this is a nasty way to judge colleagues works, unfortunately this is a clear way to realize that my job is not good enough to deserve a management promotion currently. At the moment, I'm Lead Engineer, but what I really want is to be a manager and people that reports to me.


Any tips? Kind Regards,

My Answer:

Business is business, and sometimes evaluates results rather than effort is the day to day basis. Benchmarking is a typical technique used by the Human Resources department; before be employed (for example, through case interview) and then (in the annual employees' report)


If it the case that in this benchmark, in your team, there is an amazing star, there are 3 things your can do to induce a potential promotion: the combination of SKILLS and OPPORTUNITY (you can find more info about both in this article: "How to get promoted in a Big Company?")


Assuming, that your interest is to stay in the company and try to get promoted, these are 3 things I recommend you:


1) [SKILLS] Learn from the BEST: always you can choose, get the best "teacher" in that expertise, so try to learn from her as much as possible. This implements the 80/20 rule, doing more with less.


2) [OPPORTUNITY] Get a Business OVERVIEW: understanding the strategic vision of the business in which you are involved, what your direct manager and that start wants. And after, how you can help them to achieve it. This will give you a more comfortable understanding of your complex environment and how to move your "Chess Pieces".


3) [OPPORTUNITY] After understanding the Business Overview, try to find a PROFITABLE and VALUED service/niche you can DIFFERENTIATE yourself from the other teammates in your company.

In summary, take profit of be working elbow to elbow with great talent and understand better your environment to decide your next step.



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